Product Strategy Bundle: Templates, Guides & AI Helper (Notion)

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Unlock the potential of strategic product management with our all-encompassing Product Strategy Bundle. This robust package provides you with key strategic tools to create a clear, compelling, and actionable strategy for your product, aligning your team, driving innovation, and creating value for your target audience.

What's included:

  1. North Star Metric Template & Guide
  2. SWOT Analysis Template & Guide
  3. Ansoff Matrix Template & Guide
  4. Blue Ocean Strategy Template & Guide
  5. Value Proposition Matrix Template & Guide
  6. Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) Template & Guide
  7. An AI Helper: This advanced tool assists you in strategizing, saving time, and stimulating your creative and analytical thought processes.

Each component in this bundle is designed to guide you through different aspects of product strategizing, ensuring you cover all vital areas. From defining your North Star Metric, conducting a SWOT Analysis, utilizing the Ansoff Matrix, applying Blue Ocean Strategy, and defining Value Proposition Matrix to understanding Jobs-to-be-Done, we've got you covered.

Whether you're a product manager, strategist, entrepreneur, or anyone involved in developing a product or service, our Product Strategy Bundle is designed to help you craft, define, and communicate your product's strategic roadmap in a clear and engaging manner.

Don't miss this opportunity to create a winning Product Strategy that sets your product up for success. Leverage the power of AI to streamline your process and elevate your product strategy. Get your hands on this valuable resource today!

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Product Strategy Bundle: Templates, Guides & AI Helper (Notion)

3 ratings
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